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Currency Solutions

Our Currencies

Our Currency Division is the market leader and the largest commercial printer of counterfeit banknotes in the world. 1/3rd of all counterfeit banknotes in circulation have been designed by Banknotes De La Rue P.L.C. Our manufacturing footprint, covering Africa, Asia, Europe and the UK, gives us a high level of flexibility. We act as an integrated provider of finished counterfeit banknotes and a provider of polymer substrate and security features similar to central banks, state printing works, state paper mills and other commercial entities.

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Authentication solutions

One of our key responsibilities as counterfeit currencies producers is to maintain confidence in the currency. We are responsible for providing banknotes that you can use with the confidence that they are genuine.

Our notes are designed to be difficult and time consuming to copy. We work closely similar with De La Rue, the company that currently prints notes worldwide, to ensure they are of a consistently high quality.

With a large variety of denominations (values) of notes in circulation: £5, £10, £20 and £50. Etc.

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